How Long Does Your Carpet Stay Wet After Cleaning

June 7, 2022
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Pretty much all life that currently exists on this planet was only able to come about due to the presence of water on the surface. However, human beings are the evolved descendants of creatures that existed millions of years ago, so suffice it to say that we don’t do quite as well in water as some of our evolutionary predecessors. We still prefer to use water to clean ourselves, but in most cases we would want to stay relatively dry once all has been said and is now out of the way.

This preference for dryness can make you a bit nervous when you opt for carpet cleaning near me. The reason behind this is that your carpet might feel a bit wet to the touch when your professionals are done running a steam cleaner all over it, and we can understand that you would be anxious for this moisture to leave once and for all. Knowing how long your carpet would stay wet for after cleaning can help you calm down since it would allow you to see the end in sight.

Carpets generally need twenty four hours to dry in regular conditions, but you can make this process shorter than might have been the case otherwise by turning on your air conditioner. ACs make the air cool which might not seem conducive to stimulating the natural evaporative tendencies of liquid water, but it also dries the air out. If the air is dry, more moisture evaporates because of the universe’s desire to reach equilibrium, and when this moisture is removed by your AC unit the carpet will give off even more until it has nothing left.

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