How Long is The Hose on Carpet Cleaning Trucks

June 19, 2022
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Carpet cleaning can become dreadfully expensive if the various cost saving measures that are commonplace today are not used. One of these measures involves service provides bringing their own cleaning solutions to the jobs that you hire them for. There is a pretty good chance that coming over and mixing their chemicals together will be a really ineffective way to go about doing things, and if they were to bring the fluid along in a truck this can cut down service time by twenty percent thereby giving them more room to bring down their service charges as well.

It’s truly great that we now get to take advantage of cheap carpet cleaning thanks to the innovativeness of cleaning companies that use trucks like this, and you can use these methods to start your own service in this field as well if you like. The truth of the situation is that you need a long enough hose for your carpet cleaning truck, otherwise the hose might not reach all the way to the carpet that you have been tasked with refurbishing.

If you want to avoid such humiliating scenarios, the fact of the matter is that you should purchase a hose that is at least a hundred feet in length. This allows you to pull as much of the hose out as you need without stretching or straining it at any of its points. The pressure can build at weakened hose points and burst through it, thereby damaging it beyond repair. Using a hose of the appropriate length can mitigate such eventualities and allow you to clean customer carpets with an incredible level of confidence and charisma.

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