How Often to Do Air Duct Cleaning

June 5, 2022
is air duct cleaning necessary

The industrial revolution was a period in the 19th century in which increasing forms of mechanization in the UK that were funded by colonial spoils enabled commerce to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency. This made it so that people were able to boost their standards of living, but suffice it to say that it had its fair share of negative effects as well. One these disadvantages of living in the era of this revolution was that the air got thick and clogged with smoke, smog and all kinds of other things.

This is obviously not something that you need to worry about if you live in a developed nation in the 21st century, but it does reveal just how important air quality is. It also reveals the crucial nature of air duct cleaning services, so sit back while we inform you about how often you should hire them to avoid feeling like you are living in 19th century London which, despite all of its wealth, turned out to be one of the worst cities to reside within at least in that era.

It might be tempting to get your air ducts cleaned every single day, but this can be extremely cost prohibitive and it would be useless to boot due to the reason that your ducts wouldn’t have anything significant in them that needs to get cleaned out. A much more efficacious level of frequency is monthly, and you can also push it to quarterly if you live in a locale that does not contain all that much particulate matter in the air around you. Quarterly air duct washing can usually do the trick in most common situations.

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