How to Judge Your Lawyer’s Skills in The First Interview

August 14, 2020
defense attorney vs prosecutor

An interview with a Boston criminal defense lawyer that you are thinking of hiring is crucial due to the reason that it can give you the knowledge you need about how the lawyer operates to enable you to make some kind of a decision either way. The questions you ask in this interview are going to all be really important at the end of the day, but what’s more is that you should look into noticing other things about the lawyer as well.

For example, the lawyer’s personality is something you should judge. Are they confident and aggressive or do they seem timid? The later is not acceptable because of the fact that a good prosecutor would end up making it so that they are not able to get a word in edgewise. Too much aggression is not a good thing either because of the fact that it might make the jury think that they don’t really have a good case but are relying on speaking loudly instead to convince them of something or the other.

A balance is required here, as with other characteristics your lawyer has. How your lawyer talks matters too. If they don’t speak clearly this might make it difficult for the jury to end up understanding them. They need to speak calmly and clearly but also firmly, so analyzing the voice of your lawyer before you hire them can lead to a lot of benefits down the line for you once all has been said and is now out of the way. There are other things that you need to pay attention to as well, but focusing on just this can be good enough for most cases.

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