Sushi Burgers: A Healthy Alternative?

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Making Sushi at Home

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Poke Bowls: The Latest Food Trend

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Asbestos Overcladding: Reliable Roofing Services in Glasgow

August 15, 2019

All of us need a stable and intact roof over our heads, and keeping the roofing in a well-maintained state is highly essential for the wellbeing and safety of people living in the house. You need to find a contractor that provides personalized replacement and repair projects according to the needs of the client. Many first-time homeowners face difficulty when they have to decide whether to invest their money in coating or over-cladding the asbestos roof. Each roofing process holds its own importance and it all depends upon the time of repair you are willing to tolerate and the amount of money you can currently afford on your home improvement project.

The over-cladding of an asbestos roof is highly preferred project for homeowners in the UK that want to refurbish the exterior portion of their residential property without spending substantial amount of money. Once you start shedding the asbestos material from your roof, you would be required to follow the local regulations regarding the disposal of this potentially harmful material and you would have to specify the landfill for the dumping purpose. Over-cladding on already-existing asbestos roofing surface helps owner get away with the hectic process of meeting the requirements of the local law, as they can easily install the new cladding material on top of the upper surface of the roofing. Make sure to check out the webpage of Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions to get information about this home improvement task, and if you have any questions be sure to contact us. So you would be able to eliminate the costly disposal of your roofing material with this approach, and provide additional support to your roof. This way, your property would become more thermal efficient by providing a sturdy covering to your roof.

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Why Companies Should Start Moving Toward Solar Panels

August 10, 2019

For many people, going solar is the way out. Not because it is the right thing to do and it can save money but because it can have a drastically positive impact on the environment, as well. By going solar, you are making sure that you can make the most of the situation, and not run into any issues, either. The good thing about going solar is that it does come with a lot of benefits for both residential and commercial factors.

If you are a business owner, regardless of the scale of your business, it is always better to go solar. You can even visit if you wish to know more about solar panels and how they can save you both money, and the fact that you are saving the environment, as well.

Let’s see why companies should start moving towards solar.

It is Good For The Environment

Simply put, when you are relying on solar panels, you are basically doing good for the environment. You will be able to use the sunlight without having to rely on other means of producing electricity which often result in emission that is harmful to the environment. I know it might sound like a very basic thing to be done by a single company, however, by going solar, you are more or less setting an example.

It is a Free Resource

Granted, you are going to have to pay an upfront cost of installing these panels as well as spending on their maintenance, but if you look closely, these panels offer you a free resource of producing energy. The sunlight is not something that costs even a single penny, and you can make use of it to ensure that you are getting proper energy, as well.

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Home Improvement

Tips to Keep in Mind While Getting The Most Out of Your Stove

August 9, 2019

With half the year already gone by, winters are fast approaching; that means the holiday season is also nearby. If that is the case, then you know how most winter holidays are spent in every household i.e. everyone huddled together in the living room getting warmed up to start their morning and just spend quality time with each other. That is a great idea, but you have to have a stove for that. That adds to the aesthetic and homely vibes of the winters as well which is an added plus.

There are a lot of people who would disagree with you about these things, but you should know that having a stove does help a lot. You can read more information here and also find the best possible ways to get the most out of your stoves as well, some of them are as follows, check them out below.

Select The Wood Wisely

When it comes to modern wood burning stoves, we would always recommend that you keep the wood type in mind. With woods there is a moisture content that should also be kept in mind, so if you are unsure, it is best that you look it up on the internet or consult an expert for that.

Smart Stoves Exist

Another tip that you should keep in mind while you are looking for a stove is to keep in mind that there are smart control features as well. So if you are looking for something with a modern touch, you could look into those as well, since they are much easier to control and have a lot of different features to offer as well.

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Tips on Hiring The Best Wedding Photographer

August 7, 2019

Weddings are sacred events so it is only fair that when it comes to a wedding, we get our hands on the best possible photographer. Because if we do go a different route, things will not make much sense and we can easily run into issues that might be difficult to deal with. The good news, however, is that if you are just a bit careful about the process, you can easily end up hiring the best possible wedding photographer in the market.

For now, I would suggest you look at Carrie Evans Photography. They are among the best photographers and their services are top of the line as well. So, there is not much to worry about. As for the tips, let’s not waste time and start looking.

Keep Searching All The Options

One of the main things that I will tell you is that it is always better to keep looking at all the options that you have in the market before settling. This is only going to ensure that you have not made a decision in a hurry, potentially saving you from a lot of trouble that might come in the way. The more informed you are about these things, the better it will be.

Do Check The Weather Forecast

Another thing is that I would always suggest you to check the weather forecast when you are hiring a wedding photographer, make sure that the weather on the day is good enough and you tell the photographer about the weather, too. That way, they will be able to arrange appropriate equipment that will take the best possible pictures for you.

Once you have followed these tips, your experience will definitely become better.

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The Kaby Lake CPU is Finally Here – But Is It Worth The Wait?

If you’re a geek about computers, then you know when a new player is about to enter the scene far before it actually does. Intel has always been the CPU manufacturer that we’d all trust blindly and that’s precisely what we’ve done with the new Core i7 Kaby Lake processor as well but more on that in just a bit. PC enthusiasts that choose AMD over Intel processors are a rare breed these days but after hearing about Kaby Lake, we’re sure they’re more smug about their choice now than ever.

It’s not that the Core i7 Kaby Lake is a bad processor chip at all. It’s every bit as good as the S-series Core i7 7700k but that’s not the problem. The problem is that the performance gains over the outgoing line-up on processors are almost negligible. That’s right if there is any difference in performance than the new Kaby Lake CPU is only one-tenth of a second faster than the 7700k. Given the fact that the older CPU can be overclocked for even higher performance than the Kaby Lake, we’re actually pretty disappointed in the new processor.

After all that hype and anticipation for the new processor, we really thought that we’d see something with a substantially better performance. At this point, you might be hopeful that the Kaby Lake has other improvements, aside from speed but so were we. Benchmark tests have shown that the new Kaby Lake CPU isn’t any better at conserving energy or having better thermal dynamics than the outgoing model either. You can check out the specifics of this on

To put things into perspective, if you have a Core i5-7600k processor powering your PC and you were considering upgrading to the new Kaby Lake, then you’d rather turbo boost it for free than upgrade.

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Understanding Process Servers

August 5, 2019

The role of process servers happens to be a part of normal everyday conversation in the legal world, and while the term is widely understood in the legal world, a lot of people are not particularly familiar with the terminology, and so, for the sake of this article, we will be discussing who process servers are, and what their job entails so that you can make use of them if you ever need their services at some point later on. In case you do happen to be in need of process servers, then you can visit Superior Process Services for their services.

Process servers essentially go and deliver a service of due process to the defendant or another party. This is supposed to inform the other party that they are being called for a legal summons in the court and that they need to prepare themselves and show up to court accordingly. This is actually the constitutional right of every citizen in the country, and a court summons is not considered to be valid if a service of due process has not been given to the other party beforehand.

A process server will handle the initial paperwork, and they will then personally go and deliver the papers to the other party, and once they have delivered the papers to the other party, they also have to have some sort of documented proof that the other party was actually given those papers, and this is done by a notary knowns as the affidavit of service, which will then be served to the party who had the process server give the documents to the other party in the first place. Each state happens to have different laws regarding process servers, and the service of due process needs to be handed out in a manner that suits that state’s guidelines.

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Sushi Burgers: A Healthy Alternative?

August 1, 2019

If there is anything we need to give Japanese food credit for, it is its ability to give out fresh and clean tasting food that is also really healthy and nutritious. Most of the main ingredients in Japanese cuisine including fish, rice, seaweed, and miso is really nutritious and full of all of the good stuff like essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and so on. Now, all of us know of sushi and probably have our own favorite rolls and choice of protein, and similarly, a lot of us are now growing familiar with poke bowls, which while not technically Japanese, is beginning to make its way into fusion Japanese restaurants.

Another interesting entrant in the fusion Japanese restaurant scene, and is rapidly gaining popularity is the sushi burger. Yes, a sushi burger is a thing, and yes, it does involve fish between two rice patties. Now, traditional sushi burgers involved steamed rice patties, fresh fish, and then ginger and another light marinade, usually a soy-based one. The use of these fresh ingredients, raw fish especially has made sushi burgers quite popular amongst the health-conscious population. This is because the “burger” is light, contains no extra fats, and is full of good oils and omega 3 fatty acids, making for a really healthy alternative to an actual burger.

Of course, not every sushi burger is healthy, and there are quite a number of ways you can turn the sushi burger unhealthy. The most common way to do it is to get the rice patties and/or the fish fried. Sure, frying food adds for greater texture and experience, but you are essentially introducing a lot of unhealthy fats in it as well, and at the same time, removing the good and healthy components of raw fish. Yes, it can get messy trying to eat a traditional sushi burger since the rice patties tend to fall apart easily, however, you cannot expect the sushi burger to remain healthy if you are getting it fried.

Another great way to completely butcher the low-calorie count in a burger is your choice of sauce. If you are opting for a plain soy sauce or teriyaki sauce in your rice burger then it is still healthy. However, if you end up going overboard with cream cheese, and other cream and fat based sauces, then you are essentially just making up for the lack of calories by getting super unhealthy sauces instead. Plus, when you are adding too much sauce, especially heavy sauces, then you end up losing the taste of the actual fish in the burger since the sauce can overwhelm the fish, and, it also tends to get really messy trying to eat an already fragile sushi burger with heavy sauces inside it. So, a sushi burger can be really healthy if you want it to be, as long you stick to the traditional route. However, if you are someone that is not as health-conscious and just wants to eat the burger your way, then you can do that too.

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Making Sushi at Home

It does not matter whether you have just recently developed a love for sushi, or whether you have been eating sushi for a long period of time because chances are that both of you have dabbled with the idea of making sushi at home. It sounds more practical, and it can end up saving you money in the long run, especially when compared to eating regularly at expensive sushi restaurants. Now, if you are very serious about learning to make sushi, then you will have to be willing to spend extra money to buy the necessary materials that are needed for making sushi, and this is apart from the actual ingredients that you need.

Your sushi will be just as good as your prep work, and the amount of time you have taken to try and learn it. You will not get it right off the bat, instead, it will take a lot of practice and time till you can be comfortable enough to make sushi rolls with ease.

  • The first tool that you will need is Hangiri. A hangiri is essentially a wooden bowl that is used to mix the steamed rice in, and while you can use a regular bowl, the use of wooden bowls helps because it allows for more moisture to be absorbed from the rice, leading to dryer rice that will adhere better and hold its shape.
  • Bamboo mats, also known as makisu, is a very important item that should be in your kitchen from the start. You basically make your sushi on the bamboo mat, and then use the mat to turn your sushi into the rolls that we know and love. So, you absolutely cannot skip out on getting a bamboo mat.
  • Wooden paddles can be used to scoop out and then spread the rice on the mat, and since they are made of wood, they once again lead to better moisture absorption.
  • Nori, also known as seaweed is also an essential part of making sushi. You need nori regardless of whether you are making outside rolls like California rolls or uramaki. Seaweed basically serves as a glue that keeps all of your ingredients intact.
  • Sushi rice is very important, and you absolutely cannot substitute it for any other kind of rice. This short-grain rice is very high in its starch content, and this allows it to be possible for the rice to remain stuck together and have the fluffy texture that we all know and love.
  • Rice vinegar is also an important part of making sushi, and you need it when you are seasoning your rice or it will lack that oomph that you normally find in restaurant sushi.
  • Of course, you will need sushi-grade fish. This will be expensive since it will be the freshest fish that you can find, and when it comes to sushi-grade fish, you want to make sure that you consume it within a day or else the fish will begin to lose its taste.

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Poke Bowls: The Latest Food Trend

We have seen a massive rise in a number of Far East Asian food trends around the world in the past few decades. Sushi is now a staple in a majority of people’s diets, and now snacks and desserts like boba tea, bibimbap, momos, and so on are also making their way into people’s hearts. Now, sushi is pretty versatile, and you can play around with the ingredients as you are making rolls, and one new variant, that is technically inspired by sushi and Japan, but not actually from Japan is poke bowls.

Poke bowls, actually have their roots in Hawaii, contrary to popular belief. In fact, the word poke is Hawaiian for “sections,” which basically explains how the fish has been cut and handled. Traditional poke bowls would use yellowfin tuna, and you can still find those wherever, but as it has become popular, more and more variations have begun to come out. Poke bowls would be served as an appetizer as raw cut fish that was marinated in soy sauce and a little oil so as to keep the proteins intact and fish still fresh.

Now, there are a number of different ways you can customize your poke bowl by opting for other fish options like salmon and even octopus, and then changing your choice of sauce from teriyaki to ponzu, to spicy mayo and so on. Apart from fish, other ingredients that are normally added to a poke bowl can include steamed rice, edamame, and pickled ginger and so on. Poke bowls are already really healthy, however, some people can even substitute the rice for quinoa and add almond flakes and so on.

Now, it is easy to confused poke bowls and ceviche together, however, they are both quite literally worlds apart. Ceviche has its origins in Latin America while Poke bowls were started in Hawaii. While both of them are served as starters, the fish is poke bowl is marinated in a soy sauce base and the fish is kept raw and the proteins inside it intact. However, with ceviche, the fish is actually marinated in a citrus base for a period of type in order to “cure” it. Curing is the process of breaking down the protein in the meat, and since the fish is cut really thin in ceviche, it ends up cooking a little during the curing process, so you are technically not eating raw fish entirely when you are having ceviche.

Poke bowls are a great entrant in the food scene, and they have allowed more room for people to be creative, and the fact that people are able to eat fresh and healthy seafood, with their own choice of protein, sauce, and sides kind of adds to the fun factor. They make for a great meal option during summer heats where our bodies are craving for something light and fresh instead of heavier cooked and greasy foods. So, the next time you get a chance, make sure to give a poke bowl a go.

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