Sushi Burgers: A Healthy Alternative?

August 1, 2019

If there is anything we need to give Japanese food credit for, it is its ability to give out fresh and clean tasting food that is also really healthy and nutritious. Most of the main ingredients in Japanese cuisine including fish, rice, seaweed, and miso is really nutritious and full of all of the good stuff like essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and so on. Now, all of us know of sushi and probably have our own favorite rolls and choice of protein, and similarly, a lot of us are now growing familiar with poke bowls, which while not technically Japanese, is beginning to make its way into fusion Japanese restaurants.

Another interesting entrant in the fusion Japanese restaurant scene, and is rapidly gaining popularity is the sushi burger. Yes, a sushi burger is a thing, and yes, it does involve fish between two rice patties. Now, traditional sushi burgers involved steamed rice patties, fresh fish, and then ginger and another light marinade, usually a soy-based one. The use of these fresh ingredients, raw fish especially has made sushi burgers quite popular amongst the health-conscious population. This is because the “burger” is light, contains no extra fats, and is full of good oils and omega 3 fatty acids, making for a really healthy alternative to an actual burger.

Of course, not every sushi burger is healthy, and there are quite a number of ways you can turn the sushi burger unhealthy. The most common way to do it is to get the rice patties and/or the fish fried. Sure, frying food adds for greater texture and experience, but you are essentially introducing a lot of unhealthy fats in it as well, and at the same time, removing the good and healthy components of raw fish. Yes, it can get messy trying to eat a traditional sushi burger since the rice patties tend to fall apart easily, however, you cannot expect the sushi burger to remain healthy if you are getting it fried.

Another great way to completely butcher the low-calorie count in a burger is your choice of sauce. If you are opting for a plain soy sauce or teriyaki sauce in your rice burger then it is still healthy. However, if you end up going overboard with cream cheese, and other cream and fat based sauces, then you are essentially just making up for the lack of calories by getting super unhealthy sauces instead. Plus, when you are adding too much sauce, especially heavy sauces, then you end up losing the taste of the actual fish in the burger since the sauce can overwhelm the fish, and, it also tends to get really messy trying to eat an already fragile sushi burger with heavy sauces inside it. So, a sushi burger can be really healthy if you want it to be, as long you stick to the traditional route. However, if you are someone that is not as health-conscious and just wants to eat the burger your way, then you can do that too.

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