Things to Consider When Buying a Cell Phone Jamming Device

February 15, 2020
how to block cell phone signals legally

Cell phone jamming devices are not your everyday use item. And when you have to buy such things it is not an easy decision to make since you will be spending a lot of money on it. That is why it is very important that whenever we purchase anything, or more specifically any cell phone jamming device we take certain things into consideration. To find out what these things are make sure to give this article a read.

Cell phone jamming devices are used when you have to block out the signals of a cell phone within a particular radius. These jammers are so small that they can be held within your hand and have a working radius of around 10 to 30 meters. This means that any cell phones within 10 to 30 meters radius of the device will not be able to make or take any calls or texts. They also disable wifi, GPS, spy cameras, bugs, etc.

In most cases cell phone jamming devices are used for security and privacy purposes. You can visit to get the best cell phone jammers out there. The most popular cell phone jammer on the market today is an alligator jammer.

Cell phone jammers have a built in battery that requires charging. You can use power adopters for that, the battery life can vary depending on the mAH of the battery. The higher the value of mAH the longer your battery will last. The average battery life of a cell phone jamming device is around 2 to 3 hours. These devices can also work on other devices other than cell phones such as routers, printers, GPS trackers, or any other wireless device that makes use of signals.

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