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Tips For Maintaining A Condo Building

March 10, 2020

While as lot of people suggest that living in and maintaining a condo is easier as compared to maintaining a house, it is still a lot of work for one person or a small family to handle. Usually, there are lots of unexpected expenses and maintenance requirements that aren’t visible the first time you buy the condo.

That is why a majority of the property managers take the condo maintenance work on themselves. They have years if experience in managing the condos. Here are some of the important tips that you can follow to properly maintain a condo.

Keep Track Of The Inspections

All of the condo communities have their condos inspected on regular bases. In these inspections, all of the key thing inside your condo are inspected, and you might be fined if you fail to comply with the maintenance needs of the community that you live in.

The smart condo owners make an inspection calendar and keep track of all the inspections coming their way. So, properly maintain your condo, and give it a special inspection yourself before the inspection team comes in.

Adopt A Preventive Approach

There are lots of sophisticated systems and technology working inside your condo. You should take a preventive approach to properly maintain everything and to avoid a fine. Systems like HVAC, plumbing and others need a preventive maintenance if you want to avoid bigger issues over time. Preventive maintenance can also help you keep the things, you invested in, working for a long time.

Make The Security Impeccable

Communities like the IQ3 Condos have installed a lot of security fixtures in the premises, and they keep strict eyes on any unusual activities. Same should happen in your condo community as well. All of the major areas should get proper surveillance to prevent theft and vandalism.

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