What Does a Periodontist Do For Gum Disease

August 27, 2022
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In gum disease, your gums start bleeding whenever you eat or brush. This is the main reason why you should visit one of the periodontists in Mission Valley for regular inspections, and let them do any procedures on your teeth or gums depending on your situation.

Gum Disease

Gum disease always starts with a small gum infection which gradually increases in size.

  • In the early stage of gum disease,your gums start to bleed and swell. However, you might not experience any symptoms when the gum disease first starts.
  • After some time of negligence, your gum disease starts to worsen. At this stage, the layer of your gums starts to become separated from your teeth. Moreover, the bones supporting your teeth start to get damaged as well.

These were two stages of gum disease, and they definitely lead to tooth removal.

Reasons For Gum Disease

Here’s how people start getting affected with gum disease.

  • Using too many tobacco products can lead to gum disease.
  • Not visiting your dentist at least twice a year is another reason.
  • Any type of disease related to your immune system can also cause gum disease.
  • Having a history of gum disease in your family is another reason.
  • Having dental appliances that don’t fit you well can also cause gum disease.

Effects of Gum Disease And Its Treatment

If you have any type of gum infection in your mouth, they can start to appear pretty soon.

Once the gum disease gets worse, it can cause you to lose most of your teeth. Moreover, the bacteria from gum disease can cause other diseases like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and lungs related issues.

After you are diagnosed with gum disease, your periodontist can make a personalized treatment plan for you. This plan might include scaling and planing to help you get rid of bacteria and tartar which worsens the gum disease.

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