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What is French Style Interior Design?

May 21, 2022
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You would be hard pressed to find a nation state that comes close to the level of cultural influence that France has managed to have on the world around it. France was one of the first countries to overthrow its monarchy and instead try to put a proper egalitarian democratic government in place which was not seen since the days of Rome and even back then democracy was actually very corrupt. What’s more is that France is the originator of the modern restaurant, and many cooking techniques used in fancy cuisines were developed in the region around Paris where culinary experimentation reached a brand new kind of zenith.

However, one aspect of French influence that doesn’t get the right amount of appreciation is their style of interior design. We feel that most Sydney interior Design specialists should specialize in design philosophies that were invented by the French. The reason behind this is that French interior design is all about opulence, and it is pretty much the exact opposite of the minimalism that can be seen in Scandinavian and Kanso styles once all has been said and is now out of the way.

Designing your home in the style of the French can make it look absolutely palatial, and you’d find it easier to communicate your net worth and societal prestige than might have been the case otherwise. Things like glass chandeliers, textured wallpapers, liberal quantities of gold hues and other opulent design features are core components of how France used to design rooms inside of homes. Modern French interior design has changed a fair bit, but that doesn’t change the amazing qualities that emerged prior to the French revolution.

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