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Why Light Shades Are a Good Option

November 12, 2020
zebra blinds for sliding door

Most people thinking of buying shades for their home assume that the thicker the shades are and the more light they end up blocking the better they would be. The truth of the situation is that you can buy thick and light blocking shades if that is the sort of thing that you would initially prefer but you might also want to consider the health impact of not being exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.

Our bodies need sunlight, and getting enough of it can lead to your internal system being optimized to a great extent. If you don’t get enough sunlight then this could lead to a really serious vitamin D deficiency. Your bones need this vitamin in order to be as strong as possible, and while you can take supplements they don’t compare to the quality of vitamin D that you would get once you start to go out in the sun more often. People that are looking to buy zebra roller shades try this concept of going for lighter shades.

This means that you can block a little bit of the sunlight that you don’t want coming in but would still have at least some light entering your room. This can actually give a really dim and soft lighting experience, one that would leave you feeling calm and relaxed. It would also help you to get a sense of how far along you are in the day, something that is important since not knowing whether or not the sun is out can often have a really negative impact on the kind of life that you want to live since it can hamper your overall mental health levels.

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